Your Prosperity, Our Obsession

We are laser focused on our customers. We live and breathe innovation. 

Long-gone are the days of linear processes. Our process is a network of teams, adopted from the Agile Methodology. The project management, design and engineering teams are constantly turning, absorbing new feedback and evolving UX patterns, all-the-while keeping communication high between the teams and our clients. The impact of the inevitable challenges of building software is reduced to a minimum using the agile method. Orthiya is able to react and address bugs and glitches without affecting scope.


Software Requirement Analysis, UX/UI Design, Data Visualization, Angular, Spring, Laravel, Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, JIRA. 

Requirements and Analysis

We absorb and research all the critical details and requirements of your application and find exactly where Orthiya can help. From complex data & back-end code to visual design & front-end support. We do it all.

Coding & Testing

Our data and research guide us in building the best application that satisfies your requirements and fulfils your user’s needs. Using contemporary, industry-standard technologies, Orthiya delivers a product that lasts.

Maintainance & Customer Support

Applications need continuous iteration, maintenance & upgrades. Orthiya makes that painless. Along with system updates, we also deliver on customer support.

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Creative development logic and craftsmanship

Building, breaking & transforming: this is what we do.

Our refined, definite, and technically well-molded works that let your users speechless